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  • Nordea Bank maintains RUB, USD and EUR accounts for effecting the following transactions:

    • Deposit and withdraw funds from account
    • Cashless wire transfer from the account throughout Russia and abroad
    • Ability to receive money transfers on the account
    • Cashless purchase and sale of foreign currencies and currency exchange
    • Ability to receive account statements

    Nordea Bank maintains accounts as per Individual Customer Current Account Opening And Maintenance Regulations (Appendix 1 to General Provisions On Comprehensive Banking Services Of Individual Customers Of JSC Nordea Bank).

    Schedule of fees and terms for the provision of settlement and cash services

  • Nordea Bank offers individual customers a wide range of currency exchange services, including:

    Transactions with foreign cash:

    • Purchase, sale and exchange (conversion) of foreign currencies
    • Collection of foreign currencies (US dollar and euro)
    • Testing of banknotes issued by foreign states (or a group of state) if authenticity is questioned
    • Determination of payment solvency of foreign currency.

    Foreign cash transactions are offered to individuals at all bank offices and branches.

    Cashless purchase and sale of foreign currency:

    The bank conducts cashless foreign currency purchases or sales upon the customer’s instructions.

    Currency exchange transactions are effected at the foreign exchange rates set by the Bank as per Rates for individual settlement and cash services in foreign currency.

    • All cards
    • General information
    • Tariffs
    • Conditions
      1. Nordea Bank issues hybrid smart cards with a microprocessor (chip) by Visa International or MasterCard Worldwide. Smart cards are more secure as information is partially saved on an embedded integrated circuit, a kind of minicomputer.
      2. We offer RUB, USD and EUR cards.
      3. Subcards may be issued for authorised persons.
      4. If you need detailed information about the account movement over a certain period call our Contact Centre at +7 495 921-21-01 or 8 (800) 200-34-77. You will receive an account statement either by fax or email.
      5. You can manage your card account in a quick and easy way by subscribing to the services below:
        • My Transactions, you can receive information on your mobile phone (free service for holders of premium bank cards).
        • Nordea Online Remote Banking e-banking for individuals, enabling to control your accounts and make electronic transactions.
      6. Card-to-card wire transfers – an easy and user-friendly service available to Nordea Bank cardholders for card-to-card remittances. Funds are credited within 30 minutes upon effecting a transaction.
      7. Set your individual card transaction limits to mitigate financial risks in case of unauthorised access to a card account.
      8. 3D Secure is the technology Nordea Bank uses for card payments made on 3D Secure certified web-sites (by Visa International and MasterCard Worldwide). You can recognize such web-sites by security programme logos Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode. The Bank sends a text message with a one-time password to the mobile phone number specified when subscribing to the 3D Secure service. Payment is confirmed by entering a one-time password on the special web-page.
    • Cash withdrawal limits

      To mitigate the possible financial risk of an unauthorized access to your bank card account, we recommend that you establish individual limits for your bank card transactions.

      You can establish individual limits for one type of transactions (cash withdrawal, cashless payment for goods/services, settlement payments through Internet), as well as for all transactions with the use of bank cards to be effected per day and/or month. You may establish several types of individual limits for each bank card of yours.

      In the event of re-issuance of your bank card the Bank will establish the individual limit for your new card in the amount of the previously set limit (regardless transactions effected with the reissued card).


      To ensure a safer use of the Bank’s cards, cash withdrawal daily and monthly limits have been set.

       MasterCard Standard

      MasterCard Gold

      Visa Platinum

      Cash withdrawal


      150 000 RUR

      2 000 USD

      2 000 EUR


      1 500 000 RUR

      20 000 USD

      20 000 EUR

      Depositing funds on bank cards

      You can top up your SCA as follows:

      1. In the cash desk of any office of Nordea Bank.
        When you top up your SCA using cash in branches of Nordea Bank, the payment limit is built up and the funds are credited to your SCA in online mode.
        You can deposit funds by yourself or have your representative do it. In the latter case, the Russian law may require that your representative has a relevant power of attorney issued by you.
      2. via payment terminals and at the offices of retail chain stores (e.g. Euroset, Svyaznoy, MTS, etc.) in cash, using the services of international payment systems Visa Direct instant transfers and payments and MasterCard MoneySend. In general, for recharging your card you need to know its number; when recharging your card at a retail chain store, you may also be required to present your passport.
        The payment limit of a card shall be increased within 30 minutes from the time of a transaction. In Russia, bank cards may be recharged only in RUB.

        The retail chain stores and card recharge service providers may charge a fee and apply restrictions as to the amount and number of rechargings per card.
      3. You can transfer funds from your other accounts opened with Nordea Bank by ordering a teller at any office of the Bank to do so, as well as via Nordea online.

        Transactions performed at the Bank’s office or in Nordea online between your accounts, opened with the same office of Nordea Bank, are processed in online mode.

        If you order a RUB transfer, including transfers via Nordea online, between accounts, opened with different Nordea offices, on a business day from 9:00 to 16:50, your order will be executed on the same business day, but if after 16:50 – on the next business day.

        If you order an FX transfer, including transfers via Nordea online, between accounts, opened with different Nordea offices, on a business day from 9:00 to 16:00, your order will be executed on the same business day, but if after 16:00 – on the following business day.

        Transactions are performed according to the Moscow time zone.
      4. You can transfer funds to your SCA in Nordea Bank from your account opened with another bank.
        Please note that the remitting bank may charge a fee for the transfer according to its tariffs. Also, to successfully transfer funds to your SCA with Nordea Bank, make sure that you correctly state the details of the receiving account (account number, full name) indicated in the memo which Nordea Bank provides to you together with your bank card, as well as the details of Nordea Bank. If it is a foreign bank, you may be required to state extended details of Nordea Bank’s (for example, SWIFT).

        Nordea Bank notifies that pursuant to the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation Russian citizens can make wire transfers to accounts of third parties – citizens of the Russian Federation – inside the Russian Federation in Russian rubles only with further crediting only to Russian ruble accounts save when the sender and the beneficiary are spouses or close relatives (lineal ascendants or descendants: parents and children, grandmothers, grandfathers and grandchildren), siblings, half-brothers and half-sisters (having the same father or mother), adoptive parents and adopted children.

        Holders of non-ruble card accounts (USD, euro), planning to use their card accounts to receive Russian ruble transfers from third parties – Russian residents, should open a current account in Russian rubles and/or submit an application for issuance of a bank card and opening of a card account in Russian rubles, to be able to receive money transfers in Russian rubles.

      Expense monitoring

      Nordea Bank (the ‘Bank’) hereby recommends all of its customers – in order to be able to control movement of funds - to subscribe to the Bank’s My Transactions service or to join the Nordea online e-banking system. The Bank also offers to receive the following information to its customers:

      • bank card account statements for any period requested by the customer – by e-mail, fax or in a hard-copy form (the latter may be received only in an office of the Bank); such account statements are issued at the request of a customer only;
      • bank card account statements for the previous month - either by e-mail or in a hard-copy form in an office of the Bank;
      • information on the applicable payment limit set for his bank card – by calling at the following phone: +7 (495) 921-21-01 or 8 (800) 200-34-77.

      Measures to increase transactions security abroad

      In view of the increasing rate of card frauds in certain countries Nordea Bank is taking additional measures to increase transactions security abroad.

      Thus, if the Bank is not notified beforehand of the planned visit to the listed countries, it may be difficult or impossible to conduct the following operations with the use of cards issued by the Bank on their territory:

      • payment for goods (works, services) at sales points;
      • transactions via self-service machines (ATMs and terminals), incl. balance enquiry;
      • cash point transactions.

      Customers planning to visit these countries shall notify the Bank of the trip in advance. You can release restrictions on transactions in the selected countries and for a certain period of time. There are three options to do it:

      Restrictions are released free of charge.
      Enhanced operations control in the said countries does not cover virtual cards for Internet transactions.
      As relates to additional cards issued for another person, restrictions are released on the basis of an application submitted by the SCA holder.

      Example of a completed Application for release of card usage restrictions in the selected country(-es):

      Country name in Russian Country name in English Tick as applicable Restriction release date Restriction resumption date
      Индонезия Indonesia 06.12.2017 14.12.2017


      In case of any issues in effecting transactions via Nordea Bank cards abroad, please contact the 24-hour Call Centre.

      For details please call the Call Centre at the following numbers:
      +7 (495) 921-21-01 – for calls in Moscow;
      8 (800) 200-34-77 – toll-free regional hotline.

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