Opening and Maintenance of Accounts

Opening an account
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  • Currency exchange
  • Upon completing a bank account contract with the customer, Nordea Bank opens rouble, dollar and euro-denominated accounts for individuals and offers the following cash settlement services:

    • Deposit and withdraw funds from account
    • Deposit of payroll earnings, pension, social aid and payments on account
    • Cashless wire transfer from the account throughout Russia and abroad
    • Ability to receive money transfers on the account
    • Cashless purchase and sale of foreign currencies and currency exchange at attractive rates
    • Ability to receive account statements
    • And more.

    Nordea Bank offers a new special service – Nordea Online Remote Banking. This service will allow the bank’s customers to use the system interface both in Russian and in English, to receive information about the current state and cash flow on bank accounts, to obtain data on the status and payment limit of debit and credit cards, to carry out interbank money transfers in roubles and foreign currencies including transfers from cards accounts to other accounts opened with the bank as well as other credit institutions, to conduct cashless sales or purchases of foreign currency and to maintain correspondence with the bank.

  • Nordea Bank offers individual customers a wide range of currency exchange services, including:

    Transactions with foreign cash:

    • Purchase, sale and exchange (conversion) of foreign currencies
    • Collection of foreign currencies (US dollar and euro)
    • Testing of banknotes issued by foreign states (or a group of state) if authenticity is questioned
    • Determination of payment solvency of foreign currency.

    Foreign cash transactions are offered to individuals at all bank offices and branches.

    Cashless purchase and sale of foreign currency:

    The bank conducts cashless foreign currency purchases or sales upon the customer’s instructions. As one of the most active and established players on the currency market, the bank is able to offer the customers good currency purchase and sale rates.

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