Money Remittances and Payments

Nordea Bank offers money transfers in roubles and foreign currencies, including all levels of treasury payments, as well as on behalf of commercial entities and individuals practically anywhere in the world. [1] .

Several types of money transfers are available to you:

  • Open a Nordea Bank current account (if you do not already have one) and initiate transfers from the account in accordance with rates for cash-settlement services.
  • Use Western Union, the international system that provides money transfers to individuals almost anywhere in the world.
  • Make a cashless payment in any of our bank ATMs: pay for mobile phone services, local and long-distance calls, Internet services, cable television and utilities or deposit funds on your WebMoney electronic purse (see full list of payment recipients - in Russian).

Call us at (495) 921-21-01 and 8 (800) 200-34-77 or contact a bank employee at any branch office for help in determining the best type of money transfer for you.

[ 1] Transfers within Russia may only be completed in Russian roubles; transfers to other countries are made in foreign currencies. In accordance with Russian legislation, personal transfers may not be used for entrepreneurial or investment purposes, or to purchase property.

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