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Nordea Bank is happy to offer you Nordea online with a wider functionality and user-friendly interface. Take a few simple steps to switch to/log into the system.


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    • About Nordea Online
    • Transactions confirmation
    • Limits
    • Recommendations
    • Nordea online is an electronic banking service enabling you to manage your funds online. You may use the System from your desktop or mobile gadget provided it is connected with Internet (we recommend installing the latest browser for correct operation).

      The system’s interface is available both in Russian and English.

      The access to Nordea online is free of charge.

      You will need login and password to authorise and enter the System

    • A customer is to confirm a transaction at Nordea Online by entering a session key. To do so, you should enter the session key you receive from the Bank within 9 minutes after your request.

      Transactions in mobile and Internet apps are confirmed in the same way.

      You can get the session key via:

      • SMS or
      • Push Notification

      When you log on to the mobile application for the first time you may choose to receive one-time passwords via Push Notifications. You can also do it in menu section “Settings/Notifications”.

    • Nordea online sets the following daily limits on payments to service providers based on the category of a service provided:




      RUB/per day   

           Loans   150 000
           Other service  (including the payment of taxes, fines, charges)   500 000
           Online resources   50 000
           Education   150 000
           Cellular communication   30 000
           Utilities   150 000
           Landline, TV, Internet   30 000
           Popular charity 30 000

      Note! For some service providers the payment limit is 15 000 rubles per transaction.

    • Please read Nordea Online Rules and Nordea Online User Manual before you start using the system.      

      Nordea Bank execute customers’ instructions provided there is either sufficient balance or payment limit available at the card account. The card account balance may differ from the current payment limit.

      For your convenience you may setup templates of your transactions/ payments, give names to them and use either them or earlier made transactions when making new remittances.

    • Banking cards,
      accounts and deposits
    • Money transfers and payments
    • Loans
    • At any time you can do the following via Nordea online:

      • get information on balances at your accounts and effective card limit;
      • transfers funds between your accounts/cards;
      • view the latest transactions at your accounts/cards;
      • get your spending report: the system automatically classifies payments into categories (communication, healthcare, malls, children goods, etc.) and represents them on a graph;
      • make cashless conversions;
      • view and e-mail statements of account and account details;
      • set up display of your cards and accounts and rename them as you wish;
      • block and unblock your card;
      • top up your deposit or transfer money to other accounts;
      • close your current and card accounts, bank cards; term and call deposit accounts;
      • update the information provided to the Bank.
    • At any time you can do the following via Nordea online:

      • make money transfers in roubles and foreign currency: to your accounts and accounts of other payees whether individuals or corporates;
      • pay for services rendered by 3500 providers (mobile communication, internet, satellite and cable TV etc.)
      • pay road police penalties, tax, charges;
      • pay for your orders placed with network companies and e-shops, make payments for kindergarten or education, top up your e-wallet;
      • get information on your outstanding payments, payments and money transfer charges;
      • set up regular remittances in roubles (top up your mobile phone account, Internet payment etc. );
      • use payment templates.
    • At any time you can do the following via Nordea online:

      • view your credit history with the Bank (conditions of and payments made under the settled/ closed loan agreement)
      • File your request for providing written information on the loan agreements settled/ closed earlier.
    • Connection
    • Push-notification
    • Secure Use
    • We offer an new Nordea Online Mobile app for your mobile phones.

      You may use the mobile app as soon as you get connected to Nordea online.
      The app is free.

      To get connected to Nordea online mobile please:

      • Get connected to Nordea Online Internet, sign in with your login and password.
      • Download Nordea online app to your mobile device from:

        App Store – for iOS-based cell phones Google Play – for Android-based cell phones
        QR iOS Nordea online QR Android Nordea online
      • Logon the app using your login and password.

      Please call the Bank’s contact centre for details:

      • +7 (495) 921-21-01 – for Moscow calls and calls from the Moscow Oblast;
      • 8 (800) 200-34-77 – for calls outside Moscow and the Moscow Oblast (toll-free).
    • Set up Push-notification

      One-time passwords (or OTPs) are used for confirming all financial transactions made at Nordea online and Nordea online mobile app in case of any change in individual setups and when sending messages to the Bank.

      OTPs may be delivered to you via SMS or Push-notifications (screen popup messages) based on your individual setups at Nordea online.

      When you log on for the first time the mobile application offers you Push Notifications service. In menu section “Settings/Notifications” you may choose how to receive one-time passwords.

    • Secure Use

      Please be reminded that it is necessary for you to adhere to simple security rules when you use Nordea Online Mobile. Never give your Nordea Online access data to anyone. Never leave your mobile device unattended. Never allow any stranger to use it.

      For better security we recommend you set up delivery of OTPs for confirming transactions via Push notifications in the Setup section.

      Please note that you need to install and timely update antivirus software at your mobile device where Nordea online mobile has been installed.

      Nordea Online Secure Use Manuals

      Please call the Bank’s contact centre for details:

      • +7 (495) 921-21-01 – for Moscow calls and calls from the Moscow Oblast;
      • 8 (800) 200-34-77 – for calls outside Moscow and the Moscow Oblast (toll-free).

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