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My Transactions service means that you may monitor balance at your card with your mobile phone through SMS/ Push-notification on all transactions via your card(s).


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+7 (495) 921-21-01
8 (800) 200-34-77
  • Advantages
  • Automatic Notification
  • Upon subscribing to My Transactions you will be able to receive SMS/ Push-notification at your cell phone informing you on the following:

    • Transactions made with your card changing the available payment limit (purchases, payments for services, cash withdrawal);
    • Credits;
    • Debits;
    • Refunds;
    • Cancelation of payments for goods or services made with your card;
    • Wrong entries of PIN-code or a 3-digit card security code;
    • Insufficient payment limit at your card for effecting a transaction with the card;
    • Overdraft of a limit set by the Bank or yourself;
    • Changes in the Bank’s rules, fees and any other information about how to use the Bank’s products and services (this is sent at the absolute discretion of the Bank).
  • Nordea Bank sends SMS or Push-notifications about transactions made with cards automatically.

    If a Push-notification has failed, information on a transaction will be texted (SMS-ed). You may find all Push-notifications on transactions made with your card(s) at Nordea Online Messages. Please note that while you are in the international roaming area, delivery of SMS/ Push-notifications on transactions effected via the Bank’s cards depends on the local mobile operator your mobile telephone is temporarily connected with and whether such operator has effective roaming agreements. Normally, SMS/ Push-notifications from the Bank are successfully delivered to the customers’ mobile phones.

    If no SMS/ Push-notification from the Bank is delivered to your phone please call to the Russian mobile operator for information on recommended mobile operators in a country you stay.

    You are also recommended to make sure that SMS buffer in your mobile is not full, as SMS are delivered within 24 hours only since their sending.

    If you do not receive any messages or notifications on transactions with your cards while you travel or if you have any other question in relation to My transactions please do not hesitate to call the Bank:
    • +7 495 921 21 01 - Moscow
    • 8 800 200 34 77 - regional bank hotline
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