Informing about bank-card and Nordea-online transactions

Pursuant to clause 9 of Russian Federal Law № 161-FZ dated 27.06.2011 ‘On the National Payment System’, with effect from the beginning of 2014, the Bank is obliged to inform its customers about all their transactions effected by using electronic payment means (i.e. by using the Nordea online e-banking system and bank cards). Such notifications are sent to customers on banking days only and contain information about transactions effected in the relevant bank account during the previous banking day.

You may choose one of the following options how to be informed on such transactions:

  • via the Nordea online system (daily account statements), provided the customer is subscribed to the system; or
  • by e-mail (daily account statements); or
  • by an SMS (about each transaction in any of the account of the relevant customer).
Please note that informing the customers via the Nordea online system is a priority.

If your are subscribed to the Nordea online system and have not notified the Bank on the preferable notification technique then all notices on such transactions will be sent via the Nordea online system.

If you are not subscribed to the Nordea online system and have not notified the Bank on the preferable notification technique then all notices on such transactions will be sent by using those contact details that you have already provided to the Bank when applying for any of the bank products/services rendered to you by the Bank.

To choose or to change a notification technique, please submit a relevant application (in Russian) to the Bank:

  • by visiting any office of Nordea Bank (with your passport);
  • by using the Nordea online system. Applications are to be sent in *.doc format or as a scanned copy (the ‘Application, messages’ section);
  • by email to the following address: Please neatly fill in and sign your application, then scan it and attach a scanned copy to a message addressed to the Bank. Please do not archive the attachment, nor send the original to the Bank. The Bank – acting at its absolute discretion - may reject your application by notifying you thereof via telephone/email.

Please note that informing about transactions is mandatory under Russian law and is done free of charge.

The Bank’s notifications shall contain the following transaction details:

  • the name of the Bank;
  • the entry date of your account transaction;
  • first 9 digits of your account;
  • the identification number of your bank card (last 4 digits or an indication that your used the Nordea online system);
  • a transaction type (debiting or crediting);
  • the amount of the transaction denominated in your account currency (RUB, USD or EUR); and
  • the amount of the Bank’s fee denominated in your account currency.

Notification examples (in Russian)

The Bank’s notifications contain information about your account transactions. Please note that in most cases the transaction entry date differs from the actual date of a bank card transaction (authorization date): the bank account is usually debited or credited within several days from the authorization date.

In addition to all other options holders of the cards issued by the Bank may also control their card transactions by using the “SMS Notification” service. SMS messages about your transactions, as well as about a change in the payment limit of your bank card bank, will be sent to your mobile phone after a transaction.

Please note that notification procedure prescribed by the Russian Federal Law No. 161-FZ and notices sent via the ‘SMS Notification’ to your mobile phone are two different types of informing a customer on the transactions effected thereby. Thus, if you use them both, you will receive two notifications about one and the same transaction.

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