Concierge-Service programme

Nordea Bank Visa Platinum cardholders may receive the Concierge-Service programme free of charge from Aspire Lifestyles (if applicable under the tariff plan used by a cardholder).

Upon demand, the company issues information regarding requested services — name, address, telephone, working hours and rates — in large international cities and any city in Russia. Where possible, you may book or order services under your name and charge it to your account.

Free of charge, you can:

  1. Receive requested information regarding:
    • Transportation (train and flight schedules, price ranges and connecting flights that match your needs)
    • Hotels in the region and price ranges
    • Restaurants (information regarding restaurants and reservations in selected restaurants)
    • Car rental (information about car categories and availability)
    • Sporting and cultural events (dates, time and place of events your region; ticket price and availability; and address and telephone number of ticket sales)
    • Recreational opportunities (information about sport clubs, beauty salons, golf courses and tourists excursions in your regions, as well as prices, conditions, time and place of events)
    • Travel planning in countries and regions (information regarding vaccinations, visas and weather)
    • Medication (addresses and telephone numbers of pharmacies with specific medications in stock)
    • Translation and interpretation services
    • Regional business etiquette, exchange rates and primary stock indices
    • Availability of specific fashion items and accessories in Moscow and Saint Petersburg boutiques
    • Specialised services (plumbers, locksmiths and electricians).
  2. Consultation and assistance in case of loss of passport or other documents
  3. Interpretation services for primary languages.

In addition to needed information, the additional services are available around the clock at an additional fee:

  • Booking rooms in selected hotels
  • Arranging for car rental
  • Translation of documents (upon presentation of bank card details)
  • Business services (conference calling and rental of office equipment, such as computers, fax machines and telephones)
  • Courier delivery of documents and items within specified region
  • Purchase and delivery of gifts to addresses of your choosing
  • Emergency correspondence with family and co-workers
  • Interpretation from primary languages under contract service agreement.

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