Medical and legal referral programme

Nordea Bank offers its customers - Visa Platinum and Visa Gold cardholders - emergency medical and legal referral.

For Visa Gold and Visa Platinum cardholders the medical and legal referral is provided jointly with Visa International payment system.

This programme applies to Visa Gold and Visa Platinum cardholders traveling beyond their country of permanent residence for up to 90 days. For details about the service, please visit the site of Visa International

The medical and legal referral programme:

  • Offers you immediate medical recommendations by telephone
  • Provides the name, address, telephone number and office hours of doctors, clinics, hospitals, dentists and dental clinics located near you’re the place of your stay
  • Offers the delivery of medications, medical equipment and supplies needed for treatment (charged to your account)
  • Arranges for home calls if you are unable to personally access a medical facility
  • Arranges for medical evacuation for continuation of treatment and rehabilitation in hospital or repatriation
  • Provides travel information about required vaccinations and visa requirements
  • Provides the name, address and telephone numbers of lawyers—and office hours, when possible—located near the place of your stay. 

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