Mastercard Gold

Mastercard Gold cardholders have all the benefits of Mastercard Standard cards and better quality of service around the world, in addition.


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    • Mastercard Gold extra benefits
      Cardholders of Mastercard Gold cards issued by Nordea Bank may benefit from a set of privileges prepared for holders of Mastercard premium cards including a wide range of special offers of Mastercard partners inside and outside Russia for paying for the goods with Mastercard Gold.

      Mastercard Priceless Cities provides to Mastercard Gold cardholders access to unforgettable experiences in the cities where you live and travel.

      The full up-to-date list of benefits is available at Mastercard Worldwide website.

      Mastercard Global Service phone number in Russia is 8–800–555–02–69. Landline calls are toll-free.

      Mastercard Global Service Local Toll-Free Telephone Numbers are available at Mastercard Worldwide website.

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