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Nordea Bank Depository renders an integrated set of services related to the safe custody and recording of securities and recording of deeds (transfer of deeds) to securities to every customer: corporate and personal customers, residents and non- residents.


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  • Advantages
  • Our depository maintains every type of security, including stocks, bonds, bills, public and international financial instruments. Interaction with clearing depositories of major trading systems — such as the MICEX, RTS, and MSE — allow the recording of uncertified securities. Safe, certified repositories are used for the safe custody of certified securities.

    You can also re-register titles to securities, receive data on the issuer and pledge securities at Nordea Bank Depository.

    The high performance of the depository within the non-profit partnership Inter-Bank Clearing System (NP IBCS) with regard to recording and maintaining safe deposits for inter-bank transactions speaks for the high level of service and reliability of Nordea Bank Depository.

    The bank depository provides its customers with an opportunity to maintain, along with conventional services, custody accounts under the Bank-Client system. The system permits the remote management of securities packages kept on various sections of custody accounts established with Nordea Bank. Customers can also receive service data.

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