Payroll projects

Nordea Bank offers bank cards for employee payroll projects. Visa or MasterCard bank card of any type can be chosen as a payroll card both in rubles and foreign currency.


  • Information for employees
  • Security
  • Extra services for employees:

    • Get services in Nordea online system, i.e. receive information and transact on your accounts via secure Internet connection (make payments, money transfers, sell and buy foreign currency etc.);
    • Monitor cash flow on card accounts through mobile phone (My Transactions service);
    • Receive cash at any time at any Russian bank’s ATM and at best rates.
    • Ability to withdraw cash without a fee in any Nordea Group’s ATMs.
    • To mitigate possible financial risks arising from an unauthorized access to your salary card account, we recommend that you establish individual limits for your salary card account transactions. You can establish individual limits for one type of transactions (cash withdrawal, cashless payment for goods/services, settlement payments through Internet), as well as for all transactions effected with the use of bank cards per day and/or month. You can establish several types of individual limits for your bank card at the same time. In the event of re-issuance of your bank card the Bank will establish the individual limit for your new card in the amount of the previously set limit (regardless transactions effected with the reissued card);
    • Use card-to-card transfers an easy and convenient tool to transfer money from card to card. Your money will be credited to the account within 30 minutes from the transaction.
  • Measures to increase transactions security abroad

    In view of the increasing rate of card frauds in certain countries Nordea Bank is taking additional measures to increase transactions security abroad.

    Thus, if the Bank is not notified beforehand of the planned visit to the listed countries, it may be difficult or impossible to conduct the following operations with the use of cards issued by the Bank on their territory:

    • payment for goods (works, services) at sales points;
    • transactions via self-service machines (ATMs and terminals), incl. balance enquiry;
    • cash point transactions.

    Customers planning to visit these countries shall notify the Bank of the trip in advance. You can release restrictions on transactions in the selected countries and for a certain period of time. There are three options to do it:

    • to contact the Call Centre;
    • to address office of the Bank (your passport needed) and to submit an Application for release of card usage restrictions in the selected country(-es);
    • to submit an Application for release of card usage restrictions in the selected country(-es) via Nordea online (provided you are already a system user).

    For this you should create a message in the section "Applicaition, messages" and enclose your application in the *.doc format or as a scan.

    Restrictions are released free of charge.
    Enhanced operations control in the said countries does not cover virtual cards and Internet transactions.
    As relates to additional cards issued for another person, restrictions are released on the basis of an application submitted by the SCA holder.

    Country name in Russian Country name in English Tick as applicable Restriction release date Restriction resumption date
    Индонезия Indonesia 06.12.2017 14.12.2017


    In case of any issues in effecting transactions via Nordea Bank cards abroad, please contact the 24-hour Call Centre.

    For details please call the Call Centre at the following numbers:
    +7 (495) 921-21-01 – for calls in Moscow;
    8 (800) 200-34-77 – toll-free regional hotline.

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