Corporate cards

Nordea Bank offers commercial customers and entrepreneurs corporate cards in the VISA International and MasterCard Worldwide payment systems. These cards can be used for payment of business activities, including the payment of representative and travelling expenses and purchase of furniture, office machines and office supplies.


  • Corporate cards
  • Security
  • Tariffs
  • The cards allow for use of corporate funds by authorised company employees; the quantity of issued cards is determined by the company.

    Advantages of using corporate cards:

    • Provide funds for company employees on business trips by charging corporate card accounts
    • Plan and monitor corporate employee expenses by setting spending limits and receiving special corporate account statements
    • Payment of all corporate cards through a single special company card account

    The bank offers corporate cardholders My Transactions services for continuous expense monitoring over a mobile telephone.

    Terms and conditions for the issuance and servicing of Nordea Bank corporate cards are determined by rates for the issuance and servicing of corporate bank cards.

  • Measures to increase transactions security abroad

    In view of the increasing rate of card frauds in certain countries Nordea Bank is taking additional measures to increase transactions security abroad.

    Thus, if the Bank is not notified beforehand of the planned visit to the listed countries, it may be difficult or impossible to conduct the following operations with the use of cards issued by the Bank on their territory:

    • payment for goods (works, services) at sales points;
    • transactions via self-service machines (ATMs and terminals), incl. balance enquiry;
    • cash point transactions.

    When a company plans to send its employee (who is a holder of a corporate card issued by the Bank) to a high-risk fraud country it is required to inform us on such business trip in advance by submitting to the Bank an Application for release of card usage restrictions in the selected country(-es).

    Restrictions are released free of charge.
    Enhanced operations control in the said countries does not cover virtual cards and Internet transactions.

    Example of a completed Application for release of card usage restrictions in the selected country(-es):

    Country name in Russian Country name in English Tick as applicable Restriction release date Restriction resumption date
    Индонезия Indonesia 06.12.2017 14.12.2017
  • Issuance and maintenance of corporate bank cards by JSC Nordea Bank under the Tariff “Corporate”

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