Opening accounts

Nordea Bank opens settlement and other bank accounts in RF roubles and foreign currency to legal entities, residents, and non-residents, as well as offers a full set of settlement and cash services.


  • Opening accounts
  • For opening a bank account and effecting cash/settlement services, Nordea Bank and the Customer sign a bank account agreement, stipulating the Bank’s actions as follows:

    • opening and maintaining settlement accounts denominated in rubles and foreign currencies
    • effecting cashless settlements on accounts in forms provided by the applicable law, including remittances in rubles and foreign currencies, payment collection settlements, L/C settlements etc.
    • accepting and dispensing cash
    • accepting banknotes for authentication
    • performing a currency control function
    • FX converting transactions.

    The list, as well as Terms and Conditions of cash and settlement services for corporate customers (excluding credit institutions), are set forth in the Price list «Business».

The funds deposited under the Bank (settlement) account agreement by Customer (being an individual entrepreneur) or Customer (being a legal entity) regarded as a small business (including microbusinesses) as per the Russian law and whose data are recorded in small and medium businesses register shall be insured in the manner, amount and on the conditions set forth in the Federal Law dated 23 December 2003 № 177-FZ «On insurance of deposits in Russian banks». Please see more details on funds insurance at «Deposit Insurance System» page. 
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