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    Settlement and other bank accounts in RF roubles and foreign currency.

    E-services – «Bank-Client» System

    Nordea Bank offers two versions of the Bank-Client System: Bank-Client/Windows and Bank-Client/Internet.

    Cash collection

    Tailored cash (valuables) collection and delivery services
  • Nordea Bank settlement and cash services advantages:

    • opening of settlement and other bank accounts without delay
    • Personal Manager services
    • full informational customer support and assistance in execution of documents
    • accounts maintenance at flexible rates
    • a convenient mode of payment:
      • payments effected with same day value
      • application of funds transferred by the first or second shift on the clearing system of the Bank of the Russian Federation with same day value
    • remote crediting to settlement accounts in case of business conducted by customer in various regions of Russia:
      • cash acceptance in Russian roubles according to notification on cash deposit or forwarding register attached to cash bag (in case of cash collection) in any bank office if customer does not have a settlement account
      • transfer or crediting of accepted cash to customer’s settlement account opened in a bank’s office located in other region
      • prompt settlements ensured by wide bank regional branch network.
    • customised terms and conditions of service
    • wide correspondent banks network ensuring high speed and reliability of payments.
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