Demo version

We would like to offer you to have a look at a demo version of the system:

New customers, please use:
  • login: 21027499
  • password for login: Abcd1234%
  • password for signing documents: 11111111

PLEASE NOTE! The demo version is open to all site visitors so text documents you will generate may be available to other users.

To work with the demo version it is necessary to set up a crypto plugin as per instruction (the system will automatically offer you to install it when you login). Crypto plugin is to be installed once.

In the demo version you will be able to:
  • have a look at various sections of the system;
  • create payments and other documents, simulate their signing and send them to the Bank.

The demo version will not support processing of the payments by the Bank so the documents you will send to the Bank, will not change their statuses after their acceptance by the Bank.

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