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Nordea Client-Bank system boasts an expanded functionality, a user friendly interface and a simple procedure of registration.

To subscribe to the system, please call
+7 (495) 777-34-73
To log onto Nordea Client-Bank system
  • About system
  • Capabilities and functions
  • Security services
  • Import and export formats
  • Nordea Bank offers Nordea Client-Bank system with an expanded functionality, a user friendly interface and a simple procedure of registration.

    The system upgrade introduced September 12, 2016. If you are already a customer, the system upgraded automatically without any additional actions on your part.

    Here is the trial version.

    Key advantages of the system:

    • The interface adjustable for each user;
    • Possibility to select organizations after you log onto the system (for users having access to several organizations registered in the system);
    • Expanded capabilities of importing/exporting documents. Added:
      • export of statements in МТ940, Multicash formats;
      • import of FX remittance orders in txt format.
    • Analytical function – calculation of the number and amounts of selected documents;
    • Most important information is displayed according to the settings you can make on your homepage.

    Key principles of using the system are described in the following presentations (in russian):

    Starting with April 2nd 2020 a new crypto-plugin will be applied in the Client-Bank system. You can download the new crypto-plugin beforehand here: BssPluginSetup.exe

    The instruction on crypto-plugin installation: Plugin update ENG.pdf

    • Payments in RUB and FX
    • Account statements and information
    • Currency control documents
    • Letters (messages in free format)
    • Additional features
    • The system enables to create and send to the Bank the following e-payment documents:
      • RUB payment orders (for commercial and budgetary payments);
      • FX remittance applications;
      • FX purchase orders;
      • FX sale orders;
      • FX sale orders (from transit currency account).
    • The system provides you with information about your transactions and accounts with JSC Nordea Bank. Such information is in the form of:   
      • Full list of accounts available to you, specifying their current balances (based on the latest statement sent by the Bank);
      • Account statements. The statements may be:
        - viewed on the screen;
        - printed out, including all their appendices (hard-copy documents);
        - exported with all fields in Excel file;
        - exported (in russian) in formats 1S, xml, МТ940 and Multicash.

      The statements are electronically issued by the Bank at the beginning of each business day and throughout the day upon your request.

      The system saves you from paperwork (no hard-copy statements/appendices thereto and currency control documents are issued), thanks to:
      • Using an electronic signature of the Bank;
      • Using an electronic stamp on the forms of documents related to your account transactions.

      Electronically signed documents are deemed as electronic documents equal to those signed in paper.

      Client-Bank system enables you to consolidate in МТ 940 format all information about your accounts opened elsewhere. This service is activated upon your application. If another bank holding your company’s accounts agrees to send their statements to JSC Nordea Bank by using SWIFT messages of МТ940 format, such statements will be available in the system Client-Bank. They may be viewed, printed out in МТ940 format and exported into a txt format file (МТ940).
    • The systems makes it possible to exchange all types of currency control documents with the Bank:
      • Deal passports;
      • Supporting documentation certificates;
      • FX transaction certificates with an option to create documentation automatically based on payment documents;
      • Applications for the issuance/renewal/closure of deal passports.
      Contracts, agreements, other underlying or supporting documents may also be sent via the system as attachments.

      Thanks to using an electronic signature on both sides of the system, the currency control documents do not have to be delivered to the Bank..
    • For the purposes of correspondence with regard to any transactions of yours, you can exchange free-format messages with the Bank. The letters may contain attachments with the total volume of up to 5 MG.

      With free-format messages you and the Bank can exchange various documents related to your agreements, signed with the Bank, including certificate issuance requests, financial documents under credit deals, account balance inquiries, company information updates, payroll service documents, etc.   

      Based on what type of letter you wish to write to the Bank, you can choose the following options: Letter to Operating Area, Letter to Currency Control Division, Financial documents, etc. It will speed up the processing of your letter.
    • Additional features of the system include:
      • deposit placement in section “Financial market transactions” (subject to relevant agreement with the Bank);
      • integration with your ERP systems (export of statements into external systems, import of payments from external systems)
    • General information
    • Fixing IP addresses
    • The system uses state-of-the-art information security solutions ensuring that your information is safe and protected:
      • Multi-level information protection system;
      • Secure password-based logon for registered users only;
      • Virtual keyboard for entering credentials;
      • Certified means and cryptographic security systems are used for electronic signatures;
      • Documents sent to the Bank on behalf of a customer are signed with a required number of digital signatures held by the persons authorized to sign relevant documents.

      As an additional security measure against unauthorized access to the system, the Bank offers a free service: access to the system from fixed IP addresses.

    • The service is an additional measure of protection against unauthorized access to the system. It enables you to use the system only from the computers whose IP addresses are stated by you. If somebody tries to log onto the system from another computer, the system will deny access even though a registered key is used.   

      Service advantages:
      • Access to the customer’s account from IP addresses unknown to the system is blocked, thereby enhancing the protection level of the customer’s accounts against unauthorized penetration, theft and fraud; 
      • It is possible to promptly change the list of fixed IP addresses; 
      • No additional software installation is required; 
      • It involves no extra expense for the customer (the service is free of charge).
  • The system supports data exchange with your accounting systems by using the following formats:

    • RUB payment orders – , МТ100, xml (in russian);
    • FX remittance orders – txt;
    • Account statements – , xml, MT940 (in russian)
    Detailed description of the formats being used

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