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Does your business require import-export transactions?
Then you know how complex and tedious customs payment can be.

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  • Nordea Bank offers you the service of issuing customs cards through the following issuance coordinator:

    • Customs Card, LLC

    A customs card is a smart plastic card issued by the Bank and designed for making any types of customs payments when clearing goods. A customs card is a legal tender accepted all over Russia.

    All payments with a customs card are made from a single bank account 24/7 in real-time and are instantly credited to the account of Russian Federal Customs Service, which can be seen by a customs officer in the system “Personal Accounts” in a matter of minutes after the payments have been made. You do not have to make advance payments. You can clear your goods at different customs offices at the same time.

    You may pay with a customs card wherever convenient for you:

    • right at a terminal of the customs office where you are clearing your goods
    • via the programs used for declaring goods electronically
    • at your Personal Account Online Service
    • at the electronic portal of Russian Federal Customs Service

    With a customs card you can make all types of customs payments, including:

    • customs clearance fees
    • customs duties
    • VAT
    • excise taxes
    • disposal fees

    Jointly with LLC Customs Card Nordea Bank offers its customers the following Internet-based services:

    • multi-option «Personal Account Online Service»
    • transaction archive
    • using the balances of funds deposited under temporary declarations, for making payments under future declarations

    Customs card – reliable and safe

    • The technology used to settle customs payments is made possible by a chip-embedded card in accordance with Order 757 (3 August 2001) by the State Customs Committee.
    • Only customs payments may be made with the customs card; other transactions are prohibited.
    • Because personal use of funds is not possible, companies can be assured that only customs payments will be made with the card.
    • Access to funds requires a PIN number known only to the cardholder. This number can be changed at any time.
    • The information service allows to get prompt notifications on all transactions implemented on your card and/or on your card account.

    Customs card – a new possibility

    • If necessary, use of the customs card enables to the cardholder to make supplemental payment to avoid delays in customs declarations. This is particularly useful in the case of increased customs fees.
    • Use of the card helps optimize internal audits and monitor usage of funds by company divisions and agents throughout Russia, as well as reducing paperwork.
    • The card may be used to make customs payments on behalf of a third party.

    Special offers by Nordea Bank for clients operating on foreign markets

    • Overdraft protection on customs card accounts;
    • Issue of cards for additional cardholders. Both cards (i.e. main and additional) are linked to one and the same card account and have a common credit limit.

    Since international business is one of Nordea Bank’s key areas, we offer our clients a wide array of services for clients operating on foreign markets.

  • Several types of customs cards are available to choose from to find the most suitable solution for the business activities of your company.

    Customs cards fall into main and supplementary cards. Both main and supplementary cards are issued for one account and have a common expenditure limit. In order to set individual card limits, these cards should be identified as another set of main cards, issued on different accounts.

    An entity card is issued for customers who intend to pay customs duties for only one entity. In this case, the name of the entity is indicated on the card.

    Cards providing payment for third-party duties allow the payment of customs duties both for the entity indicated on the card as well as other entities and are issued for customs brokers.

    You may sign up for any type of customs card when applying to Nordea Bank.

  • Recharging a customs card

    A customs card can be recharged through a non-cash funds transfer to a special card account (SCA) and the funds on the account can be used following crediting on the next day. The SCA is maintained in roubles.

    If needed, a card account can be urgently recharged (within 2 hours).

    Customs card payments

    A company representative presents the customs card to an inspector at a customs station.

    Company details are read from the card chip.

    The payer enters a PIN code and the card is authorised (requesting the bank for confirmation of payment ability).

    Upon card authorisation, an instruction to debit the company’s bank account on behalf of the Federal Treasury Department is sent from the customs terminal.

    The customs duty is then settled.

    Card account fund monitoring

    When connected to the information service, on a round-the-clock basis you will receive notifications to your mobile phone and/or your e-mail address:

    • on each payment operation effected with the use of your customs card;
    • on each crediting of your card account;
    • on each debiting of fees and commissions;
    • on available balance if there are cash flow movements on the account.

    Besides, upon your request Nordea Bank will provide the following:

    • a statement on all transactions effected on your customs card during a certain period;
    • a daily report on movements on your account will be sent to your e-mail.

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