Commercial lending

Commercial lending is one of Nordea Bank's most important activities.


  • Advantages
  • Lending products
  • Collateral
  • Nordea Bank offers companies and groups of companies flexible limits on lending products, allowing the customer to significantly reduce the term of loans within approved limits.

    Nordea Bank offers commercial lenders the following products:

    • Increase working capital
    • Business development, expansion and diversification
    • Acquisition of equipment, transportation vehicles and property
    • Construction financing
    • Foreign trade financing
    • Refinancing
    • Other purposes.

    Nordea Bank offers the following lending products to constituent entities of the Russian Federation:

    • Cover budget deficits
    • Debt settlement.

    Both fixed and floating interest rates are available on lending products and are determined on an individual basis according to an analysis of the customer's financial status and particular details regarding the contract and offer guarantee.

    Bank specialists are always ready to help you choose an appropriate lending product and determine optimal lending conditions based on your specific business activities.

  • Primary lending products offered by Nordea Bank:

    • Term lending
    • Revolving or nonrevolving line of credit
    • Overdraft
    • Project financing and investment lending
    • Issuance of bank bonds and letters of credit
    • Syndicated lending
    • Factoring
    • Bridge financing.
  • The following property (proprietary rights) may serve as collateral:

    • Property
    • Fixed assets (equipment)
    • Guarantee (surety) by a commercial entity or individual
    • Securities
    • Inventory, merchandise or goods for sale.
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