Request for transfer (MT101)

MT101 (Request for transfer) service enables international customers to centralise management of their accounts opened in any bank of the world, including Nordea Bank.


  • Request for transfer
  • The service provides for customer’s treasury placed abroad. Based on the customer’s orders Nordea Bank makes payments from the customer’s accounts upon the receipt of a Request for Transfer (MT101 message) with payment details from abroad

    The service:

    • makes it possible to centralise cash and liquidity management
    • provides one point of entry to all the holding company’s accounts throughout the world
    • speeds up payments due to direct access of the treasury to its accounts.

    We also recommend using the international balance and transaction reports (MT940 and MT942 Messages).

    With their help the customer’s treasury gains optimal access to the accounts with Nordea in Russia – to monitor the accounts via MT940/942 and to manage them (via MT101).

    For further information and assistance in filling out the agreements, please contact your personal banking adviser or send a request to

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