International balance reporting (MT940/942)

Nordea’s cash management services enable you to monitor account balances and transactions in Nordea Bank from abroad.


  • International balance reporting
  • MT940 Customer Statement Message

    According to the customer’s instructions Nordea Bank sends full MT940 Statement Messages on accounts containing the transaction details and accounts balances.

    The MT940 Statement Message is sent automatically daily or monthly.

    MT942 Interim Transaction Report

    The bank sends a transaction report containing details of current transactions several times a day by the customer’s choice. The delivery schedule is defined by the customer.

    The International balance and transaction reports via MT940/942 Messages:

    • are accessible in any e-banking application which supports MT94x messages
    • are ready for import to ERP systems and payment reconciliation

    To fill an application for International balance and transaction reporting please contact your personal banking adviser or send a request to

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