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  • Cash management at Nordea Bank
  • Liquidity management

    Ability to set up the liquidity management structure in accordance with your company’s needs.

    International balance reporting (MT940/942)

    Ability to monitor account balances and transactions in Nordea Bank from abroad.

    Request for transfer (MT101)

    Service enables international customers to centralise management of their accounts opened in any bank of the world.

    Reconciliation of incoming payments

    Solution enabling to optimize the processing of incoming payments and to establish a timely permanent control over the finances.
  • Nordea Bank’s cash management products are designed for customers seeking to increase the efficiency and profitability of their working capital.

    Nordea Bank is a recognised leader in cash management throughout Europe. The bank offers customised solutions for large international and domestic corporate customers, holding companies and enterprises with extended networks or a large number of consumers and buyers.

    Cash management at Nordea Bank:

    • maximally efficient use of consolidated holding funds and optimised liquidity management
    • a payment structure based on your needs and particular business structure
    • updated online information for better decision making
    • centralised access to all of your accounts – one point of entry
    • simplifying and expediting complex procedures.

    The development and maintenance of sophisticated and user-friendly cash management solutions is a top priority at Nordea Bank. We create and apply new services and technologies for each customer through a process of continual partnership.

    Based on your business structure and goals, our customer team will prepare an appropriate cash management setup for you, a clear implementation plan and provide for timely implementation of accepted plans.

    When using service eGate please read Customer memo Terms and conditions for the use of electronic payment facility by the users of SWIFT system, CyberFT network and SFTP.

    For further information on our cash management products and services, please contact your personal banking adviser or send a request to

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