Renaming of the bank

Dear customers, we are pleased to announce that ORGRESBANK will operate in Russia under a new name.

It was decided to rename ORGRESBANK as follows:
Full official name of the bank in Russian and English will be:
  • Открытое акционерное общество «Нордеа Банк»
  • Open Joint Stock Company Nordea Bank.
Short official name of the Bank in Russian and English:
  • ОАО «Нордеа Банк»
  • OJSC Nordea Bank.

The name-change decision was a logical step in the process of full integration of JSB ORGRESBANK into the Nordea Group (ranked among the top 20 European financial institutions). Once the bank has changed its name, it will represent the Nordea Group in Russia based on its standards and values and longstanding experience of work in Russia.

Along with the general licence for banking transactions and acquisition of customer accounts, as well as depository services in respect of precious metals to be rendered under the new name.

The re-branding process also involves a change of the bank’s corporate name in the payment system of the Russian Central Bank in the BIC Directory the name JSB ORGRESBANK (OJSC) will be replaced by OJSC Nordea Bank). This change is scheduled for 17 September 2009 – the exact date will be indicated on the front web page of the Bank at Before that date, all payments and payments documents will be executed under the bank’s former name.

Also, we would like to inform you that the bank’s BIC in the SWIFT payment system will be changed from OGRERUMM to NDEARUMM effective from 3 October 2009.

Please be assured that the name change will not in any way affect our rights and obligations toward the customers and counterparties. All prior agreements signed by the Bank remain in full force and effect (there is no need for any relevant amendments thereto based on the new name). Neither will it lead to any changes in our business legal structure, OGRN, INN, BIC, KPP, correspondent account, address, licence number or other details of the bank.

Please be aware that while the re-branding is in progress, for better quality of payment transactions involving customer accounts and for your convenience, the bank will be migrating to its new name and that of the branches in accordance with the accepted schedule for each branch.
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