OJSC Nordea Bank informs about changes in the terms and conditions of the bank cardholder services


OJSC Nordea Bank informs about changes in the terms and conditions of the bank cardholder services

Dear customers of OJSC Nordea Bank,

Please, be hereby informed that the terms and conditions of the Bank cardholder services will be changed from 09.01.2013.


  • From the date card accounts will be opened in three currencies: rubles, US dollars and euros for all Bank card products;
  • Tariff plans for issuing and servicing Visa, MasterCard will also be presented in three currencies that will allow for eliminating the conversion of the Bank fee currency into the card account currency;
  • The discounts under the Advantage programme Home Bank for transferring the funds from the card accounts and on-demand accounts will be temporarily unavailable. It will be possible to take the indicated advantages while making transfers from the current accounts;
  • The Cards Online service will be cancelled. You can obtain data about the payment limit of your Bank card and manage the accounts through the internet by means of Remote banking in Nordea Online system. The system enables you not only to obtain data on the payment limit of the Bank card and generate account or bank card account statements, but also perform transactions by current or card accounts from the office or from home without going to the bank (around-the-clock);
  • To top up your account (including, by transfer from other credit institution accounts) in the currency other than the currency of the account it is necessary to indicate the main card account number (additional card accounts will be no longer used). If required, you can obtain your Bank card details by calling the support centre at 8 (800) 200-34-77, in Nordea Online system and at the Bank offices;
  • The holders of several Bank cards applying to the Support Centre will be authenticated by the unique password indicated in the application for the Bank card issuance and opening of the bank card account on a later date;
  • The Mobile Bank service has been modified. In particular, the message format has become more convenient, the list of events about which the Bank advises its customers has been extended (for instance, about Mobile Bank service subscription or release, about transaction cancellation, about return of the product, etc.);
  • The service fee payment procedure has been changed: the fee is paid from your card account during the first 10 business days of the month for which you pay. The request format for payment limit of the Bank card and the phone number for ordering have changed as well. Your SMS requests shall be sent to the phone number: +79037976155 in the following format:

    The format of an SMS request

    A sample of an SMS request

    Bank card payment limit details


    BAL 3456

    Given that NNNN – the last four digits of the bank card number.

    The format of the SMS answer

    A sample of the SMS answer

    Amount available SSS SSS,SS VAL

    Amount available 123 456,78 RUR

    Given that SSS SSS,SS – total amount available,
    VAL – the currency of the account.

  • The interest payment procedure for the overdraft on the bank card will be modified as well. You shall pay the overdraft interests monthly no later than the last calendar day of the month following the month of interest accrual. There are no changes in the overdraft repayment procedure (during 180 days from the date of the overdraft debt occurred).

You can obtain detailed information regarding any servicing questions:

  • by calling the support centre at +7 495 921-21-01 or 8 (800) 200-34-77
    (495) 921-21-01 –for Moscow calls
    8 (800) 200-34-77 – toll-free regional support hotline
  • By going at www.nordea.ru;
  • In Nordea Online system https://online.nordea.ru;
  • At the Bank offices

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