Nordea Bank starts sales of accumulative insurance programs in the regions of Russia


Nordea Bank starts sales of accumulative insurance programs in the regions of Russia

Nordea Bank offers the new accumulative insurance programs «Start in life» and «Guarantee of future» to individual clients.

Now the clients of Nordea Bank are able to open life insurance policies under accumulative programs both in Moscow and in all areas of the Bank’s presence (excluding Arkhangelsk). In addition to providing wide choice of the Bank deposits, these programs are not only a tool for long-term savings and capital augmentation, but also a reliable way to protect individual clients and their relatives against future unforeseen circumstances endangering life and health. The accumulative insurance programs in the regional Bank’s offices have been worked out by a partner of Nordea Bank – «Alliance Rosno Life».

The key product advantage for clients is the possibility to diversify the investment portfolio, as long as it is an additional tool for efficient cash accumulation. For example, «Start in life», the children’ accumulative insurance program, is designed to save funds to be used for children’ education, to improve life conditions or to reach other goals. Under children’s accumulative program children are guaranteed that they will receive the scheduled insurance amount in full, as well as the additional investment income. Payments within framework of the program will be effected even in case of unexpected life situations. The accumulative program «Guarantee of future» for clients of Nordea Bank will enable to make savings and to ensure additional income by the time of their retirement.

Clients can expand the program framework, having included the option of saving funds for their children and of insurance coverage in the event of unscheduled health-related expenses for children or clients. Insurance coverage is effective round-the-clock all over the world. Besides, clients of the Bank have possibility to select the payment procedures after the agreement termination - by lump-sum or by rental payments.

In addition to the accumulative programs, clients of Nordea Bank have option to open the deposit «Your future» with RUB interest rates under 10.5% and maturity ranging from 3 months till 1 year.

Nordea Bank offers the accumulative programs «Special reserve» and «First capital» to clients of Moscow and Moscow region. These programs were jointly developed with the partner – the company «AlfaLife-Insurance».

For more detailed information on the accumulative programs please call:

  • 8 (495) 921-21-01 – for Moscow calls;
  • 8(800) 200-34-77 – Regional hotline (toll-free).
  • Or on the web-site:

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