JSB “ORGRESBANK” changes to new card transaction tariffs.


JSB “ORGRESBANK” changes to new card transaction tariffs.

From August 22, 2007 JSB “ORGRESBANK” will issue and provide service of VISA International and MasterCard Worldwide cards according to new tariffs.

From the same date VISA and MasterCard cards issued by the Bank will be served by United Card Service (UCS) processing center.

The migration to UCS will substantially increase opportunities for JSB “ORGRESBANK” card holders. They will be able to:

·                    to instantaneously credit their card accounts free of charge in the Bank’s cash points;

·                    to get mini-statements of the recent card transactions from an ATM free of charge;

·                    to pay for utilities at a Bank’s ATM free of charge;

·                    to pay for mobile services, cable and satellite television, Internet services free of charge at a Bank’s ATM or cash point (over 50 service providers in total);

·                    to withdraw salary or other cash in two hours after the holder’s card account was credited.

ORGRESBANK charges 0.5% in RUB and 1% in USD of the transaction amount for cash withdrawals with VISA and MasterCard cards under «Basic» и «Corporate» tariffs from its own ATMs and cash points, 0.8% and 1.2% respectively from ROSBANK’s and 1.5% (but not less than 3 USD) from other banks’ ATMs and cash points.

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