ORGRESBANK proceeded to the issue of Visa Platinum cards


ORGRESBANK proceeded to the issue of Visa Platinum cards

“ORGRESBANK”, JSB, proceeded to the issue of a new Premium Class product – Visa Platinum cards.

Holders of Visa Platinum cards are offered a wide range of additional services, apart from the standard ones, provided by theBank free of charge. Among them there is a possibility to receive information about the state of account on-line per Internet (“Plastic cards on-line”), control the funds flow using SMS-information (“Mobile Bank”), get oneself insured against accidents and deseases during trips in Russia and abroad, as well as against risks related to the use of plastic cards, receive medical and legal assistance.

Further the additional batch Visa Platinum includes connection to exclusive services: “Comfort- Service”, “Purchase protection” and “Extention of guarantee”. Within the limits of the “Comfort-Service” program the information on hotels, car rent services, etc. is provided at the client’s request, as well as reservation or order of a service is effected in the name of the card holder.

“Purchase protection” program insures the holder against financial losses in case of the theft of goods purchased with the card. The insurance batch called “Extension of guarantee” extends the manufacturer’s warranty period for the purchased goods.

The card is issued for one year. An additional card of the same category may be issued to the basic Visa Platinum card. The “platinum product” can be issued in all regions where the bank operates.

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