Notification on transfer from T0 Mode to T+2 Trading Mode


Notification on transfer from T0 Mode to T+2 Trading Mode

Starting from 2 September 2013 clients will get opportunity to conduct transactions at TS MICEX in Т+2 mode.


Dear customers,

Starting from 2 September 2013 according to the website information of Moscow Exchange (, all trading in Т0 mode will be terminated (all shares, RDR and investment units). All transactions with shares, RDR and investment units will be conducted in T+ Main Trading Mode prices only to calculate the indices during the main trading sessions with calculation on the second business day after transactions (hereinafter referred to as “T +2 mode”). T0 Mode will be used only for trading sessions with corporate bonds, for all tools of negotiated trades mode and REPO (no participation of central counterparty). Transactions with government bonds will be conducted both in T0 and T+2 mode.

Starting from 2 September 2013 clients will get opportunity to conduct transactions at TS MICEX in Т+2 mode.

To get additional information and all updated information concerning T+2 Mode trading sessions, go to the official website of Moscow Exchange:

Special features of transactions in T+2 mode:

  • Calculations for transactions conducted on Т- day shall be made on the second business day (Т+2) after transactions;
  • The Bank commission will be charged on the day of transaction (Т);
  • All transactions in “Т+2” mode will be conducted with 100% collateral;
  • The Bank’s tariffs shall not change;
  • To get dividends for company shares a client should be their owner (company shares shall be accounted at the owner’s depo account) as of record date. Deadlines for T+2 Mode shall be established in consideration of the following: transactions should be conducted two days prior to the record date till 19.00 (Moscow time). In such a case the delivery date of company shares under the transaction will coincide with record date;
  • The execution date of order to revoke assets received under transactions conducted in Т+2 mode will be the following: for monetary funds – the date not earlier than T+2, for securities – the date not earlier than T+3 (considering the revocation terms of monetary funds and securities established as per the Regulations);
  • Transaction reports submitted to clients by the Bank containing relevant information on Transactions in T+2 mode are updated.

Special features of operation in Т+2 mode in NetInvestor system

See in the attached file: Specific features of operation in Т+ mode in NetInvestor system.

Attention of owners of NetInvestor Client terminals

As long as portfolio settings (in T+2 mode) in NetInvestor Client trading terminal are not supported by the developers, you are advised to transfer to NetInvestor Professional terminal, otherwise for technical reasons operations in NetInvestor Client terminal will be impossible.

To upload NetInvestor Professional installation package go to the following link:

Complete guide of NetInvestor Professional user: (HTTP).

Thank you for understanding and we hope that after introduction of T+2 mode brokerage services at the securities market will become more attractive.

If you have additional questions, do not hesitate to call to the Bank’s authorized employees: +7 (495) 777-34-77

On Customer service issues:
Bazhenov Alexey, ext. 4255
Litvak Nadezhda, ext. 3641

On NetInvestor support issues:
Lyakh Irina, ext. 1234
Safonova Elena, ext.1365

On documentation issues:
Safin Bari, ext. 1427
Vlasova Darya, ext. 1369

Sincerely Yours,
Nordea Bank

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