OJSC Nordea Bank redesigned its corporate Website


OJSC Nordea Bank redesigned its corporate Website

On the eve of the New Year vacations OJSC Nordea Bank renewed the format and updated the lay-out of its corporate Website www.nordea.ru. It was a part of the group-wide efforts aimed at redesigning the Websites of the members of the Nordea Group.


The key goal is to make more convenient access by the site users to information which may be of interest for them, to raise interactivity level of the Website and to make the its design and lay-out in tune with the latest trends in website-designing in the bank industry.

The redesign is made in compliance with the requirements of the Nordea Group and on the basis of page traffic statistics for www.nordea.ru.

Design and lay-out specifications have been worked out on the basis a research made by the Nordea Group of needs and expectations of the reference groups and standard behavior of Website users.

In 2013 the Bank plans to continue its efforts aimed at further updating of the Website including introduction of a ‘mobile’ version of the Website to make it available to the smart phone users.

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