Nordea Bank lowers mortgage interest rates


Nordea Bank lowers mortgage interest rates

Effective from 20 February 2012, Nordea Bank lowers its mortgage interest rates for RUB loans. Now under the mortgage programs with mandatory personal and title insurance, the interest rate will be from 9.95% to 13% per annum in RUB and from 6.5% to 10.5% per annnum in USD or EUR (based on the type of a mortgage program). Besides, the interest rate still does not depend on maturity, down payment and income proof form.

Nordea Bank offers mortgage loans «Classical», «Special-Purpose» and «Any-Purpose», as well as «Mortgage Loan for Investment Participation in Construction» program being implemented by the Bank jointly with partners such as YIT and NCC Real Estate. Among important advantages of Nordea Bank’s mortgage programs: minimal down payment of 10%, a 30-year maturity, no prepayment penalty, differentiated (declining) or annuity (fixed) repayment options, commercial properties and land plots are accepted as collateral, no origination fee, the possibility to use a covered irrevocable letter of credit for settlements under mortgage deals and etc.

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