Nordea Bank runs an «Autumn Days» action for depositors in Yekaterinburg


Nordea Bank runs an «Autumn Days» action for depositors in Yekaterinburg

During the period from 01 September 2011 until 15 November 2011 customers who place a deposit with Nordea Bank for the minimum term of three months will receive gifts1:

  • a thermal cup with the Bank’s logo (when opening a deposit account from 30 000 to 50 000 roubles or from 1000 to 1500 US dollars or euro);
  • an umbrella with the Bank’s logo (when opening a deposit account from 50 001 roubles or 1501 US dollars or euro).

The action is held in Yekaterinburg for persons over 18 years old. During the entire period of action each depositor may receive only one gift regardless of the number of newly opened accounts.

Nordea Bank offers individuals a wide range of deposits in roubles, US dollars and euro:

  • «Capital» account with the advantage of terms from 1 month to 2 years;
  • «Comfortable» account with monthly payments or capitalisation of interest;
  • «Accumulative» account that can be supplemented with additional deposits;
  • «Universal» and «Universal+» accounts with a wide range of options:
    – supplemental deposits;
    – partial withdrawal up to the minimum balance according to the category of account;
    – capitalisation – addition of accrued interest to the account;
    – change of interest rate in case of deposit transfer into another category as a result of deposit replenishing or capitalisation («Universal» deposit).
  • «Smart Choice» and «Smart Choice+» accounts for 1, 2 and 3 years, with an option of receiving special interest in case of premature withdrawal;
  • «Pension» account, with the option of supplementing the account and receiving monthly interest payment, is opened upon presentation of a pensioner’s certificate.

Other advantages of placing deposits at Nordea Bank: deposits can be made both in cash and electronically; a power of attorney on deposits may be drawn up free of charge at any Bank office; the entire deposit or interest can be received on demand as cash payment or transfer to another account with Nordea Bank or another lending institution.

For details please contact Nordea Bank’s office in Yekaterinburg by phone: (343) 286-01-50.

1the number of gifts is limited.

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