Nordea Bank launches «Home Bank» advantage programme for Moscow area


Nordea Bank launches «Home Bank» advantage programme for Moscow area

OJSC Nordea Bank offers the clients to participate in «Home Bank» advantage programme enabling to use the Bank’s products and services under more favorable terms.

The Clients participating in the programme are given one of three possible statuses: Bronze Client, Silver Client and Gold Client. Bronze clients are able to take part in the programme and to achieve higher status: «Silver Client» or «Gold Client». Being a Silver Client, you will get a discount up to 25% on various bank services, special terms of deposits and loans. Gold Clients will be granted a discount up to 50% for different services, the most favorable deposit and lending terms, as well as personal banking servicing.

Three parameters are used to specify a client status: total amount of savings and loans, account turnover, total amount of services and products. Increasing the transactions volumes within the Bank, you will achieve higher status and simultaneously derive more benefits and diminish expenses on the service maintenance.

One of the key features of the Programme is the possibility to include all family members of a Client, including a wife (husband) and children. Thus, all services and products used by the family will be summed up, and on the basis of that you will be assigned a status. Every participant will also enjoy the benefits.

Currently the advantage programme is available for residents of Moscow and Moscow region. It is scheduled to be launched in other Bank’s presence areas by the end of the year.

Learn more about Advantage programme Home Bank.

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