Nordea Bank has been awarded by the results of participation in a real estate exhibition


Nordea Bank has been awarded by the results of participation in a real estate exhibition

Based on the results of a last week’s 24th Annual Moscow Specialized Exhibition-Fair «Real Estate 2011», Nordea Bank has received a diploma and a cup for the «Best Mortgage Programs Offer».

Nordea Bank’s representatives at the stand were giving detailed consultations to visitors about mortgage loan programs offered by the Bank.

At the moment there are 4 different mortgage programs. Apart from a classic housing loan whereby the property purchased with this loan is used as its collateral, the Bank offers lending against an already existing property (house or apartment) owned by the borrower or third party, both with the loan intended use confirmation and without it. This program also applies to buying real estate abroad. Besides, the Bank offers loans for buying apartments in new buildings accredited by the Bank, without requiring collateralization of an already owned property pending state registration of the new apartment title and mortgage deed. Mortgage loans range from 10 thousand to 1 million EUR (or its equivalent in USD or RUB) and are for up to 30 years. Interest rates start from 6.5% per annum in EUR or USD and from 9% per annum in RUB. Customers may opt for differentiated (tapering) or annuity (installment) repayment plan. It is also possible to not to use personal and title insurance when applying for a loan. Another advantage of borrowing from Nordea Bank is that there is no fee, no requirement for permanent residence registration (in the region where the property is being purchased) and guarantors, nor down payment amount influence on the interest rate.

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