Nordea Bank warns about an out break of card fraud


Nordea Bank warns about an out break of card fraud

Dear Customer,

We'd like to warn you that there has been an outbreak of a Text Message Scam. Card holders receive phishing messages informing them that their card has been deactivated and asking them to call the bank at a given mobile number in order to reactivate their cards. The fraudsters try to capture personal confidential information such as card number, date of expiry and security code to be then used for unauthorized debit to the card account in the Internet.

In this respect, we would strongly recommend that:
  • YOU SHOULD NOT DIAL any numbers indicated in the SMS;
  • YOU SHOULD NOT DIVULGE your card details (number, date of expiry, PIN-code, card security code) to third parties, in a text messages or anywise!
Please remember that:
  • OJSC Nordea Bank would indicate only its official telephone numbers as contact details for the Bank’s card holders;
  • Text messages sent by the Bank never ask for card details. The Bank’s messages contain only the last four digits of a card number;
  • Cards can not be re-activated via a text message or an ATM;
  • When talking to our customers, we never ask for card details other than the last four digits of its number, your name, and your secret password.
Should you receive a suspicious message, please phone OJSC Nordea Bank immediately at:
(495) 921 2101 (Moscow);
8 (800) 200 3477 (Help Desk for other areas).

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