ORGRESBANK has summarized results of the first half year of 2009


ORGRESBANK has summarized results of the first half year of 2009

By results of the first half of 2009, ORGRESBANK’s key indicators show positive dynamics. The Bank’s net profit increased almost threefold year-on-year up to 2.06 billion rubles and its capital rose more than twice up to 24.3 billion rubles.

As of late June the Bank’s assets amounted to 156.5 billion rubles, which was 46% higher year-on-year. The Bank’s credit portfolio rose by 55% up to 135.7 billion rubles.

Thanks to active cooperation with large and largest Russian companies, the Bank increased its corporate credit portfolio year-on-year by 58% up to 125.7 billion rubles. As of July 1, 2009, the Bank’s retail credit portfolio amounted to 9.9 billion rubles, which was 27% higher year-on-year.

Customer accounts rose by over 52% up to 27.9 billion rubles.

Main financial indicators of JSB ORGRESBANK (IFRS, billion rubles)

Equity capital 11,448 24,256
Assets 107,284 156,486
Credit portfolio (before provisions)
87,300 135,664
including (REPO taken into account):

loans to firms and companies
79,448 125,692
loans to private individuals
7,852 9,971
Customer accounts 18,229 27,885
Net profit 0,717 2,063

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