ORGRESBANK had the date for the new name to become effective


ORGRESBANK had the date for the new name to become effective

On August 28, 2009 the Bank has received from the Main Department of Russian Central Bank in Moscow its amended Articles of Association and the General banking license, where the Bank is under the new name of Open Joint Stock Company Nordea Bank.

The new name becoming fully effective is scheduled for 17 September upon making relevant entry to the BIC Directory of Russian Central Bank, whereby the name JSB ORGRESBANK (OJSC) will be changed to OJSC Nordea Bank.

However, the business legal structure, ORGRN (Primary State Registration Number), INN (Taxpayer’s Identification Number), BIC (Bank Identification Code), KPP (Tax Registration Reason Code), correspondent account, address, license number and other details of the Bank will remain the same.

The name-changing will not affect or prejudice any of the Bank’s rights and obligations in respect of its customers and counterparties. All existing agreements shall remain in full force and effect without having to be re-signed.

The decision on re-branding of ORGRESBANK was taken by its General Meeting in the May of this year. It was a logical step necessitated by full integration of the Bank into Nordea Group following the process of consolidation by Nordea Group of the 100% stake in ORGRESBANK, which took place earlier that month.

For more details on changing ORGRESBANK’s company name, please, see the Bank’s specialized internet page.

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