Social responsibility

Developing their business, now global companies have to keep in mind the impact of their operations on the life of our planet and society.

Being one of Europe’s largest and global systematically important banks, Nordea Group performs a number of socially significant tasks based on the principles of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

CSR is an integral part of our daily work. CSR principles reflect the degree of our responsibility and respect for our customers, fellow workers and the society as a whole.

Nordea provides competitive financial services to individuals and organizations. By giving loans, rendering cash&settlement services, taking deposits and providing investment products, Nordea performs a socially important function. No doubt, Nordea complies with the law in doing so. Besides, Nordea follows the norms and takes into account the values of a community where it is operating. The bank scrutinizes the business of its customers and does not finance those who employ child labor or pollute the environment. Also, Nordea participates in various socially important projects, as well as ensures sustainable development and labor safety.

CSR in Nordea Bank Russia (NBR)

NBR follows the general principles of CSR set by Nordea Group. We pursue a credit policy based on the environmental and social risks associated with a customer. We analyze our customers’ environmental impact, labor conditions and industrial relations. We take these factors into consideration when making our credit decisions

Likewise Nordea Group, each year we provide information support for the “Earth Hour” global campaign. We switch off electricity for 60 minutes along with the rest of the world and encourage all our employees to do so.

We cooperate with charity foundations and donate money for the treatment of sick children, as well as provide support for those in difficult life situations. For instance, in August NBR provided a target financial aid for 2 kindergartens affected by the flood in Krymsk town. Our employees actively respond to charity requests and participate in the events organized by a non-commercial organization “The Club of Volunteers” which patronizes orphanages. The volunteers arrange collection of clothes among our employees for orphans on the occasion of a new academic year, a graduation party, a New Year celebration and etc. Together with the volunteers, our employees visit the orphanages and boarding schools (for children from dysfunctional families) which they patronize, as well as organize interregional soccer matches and other sport competitions, concerts and meetings with famous people to inspire the children. In December, the children from several orphanages are coming to Moscow to attend the New Year party organized with the participation of our employees.

NBR also takes part in various social and educational projects. For example, along with other companies NBR contributed to a charity campaign dedicated to the Victory Day by allocating funds for purchasing presents for 200 veterans. We also sponsor the New Economic School (NES) which trains future economists and financiers. In 2012 NBR participated in a nationwide campaign “The Day of Financial Awareness” held in schools and higher education establishments. Its aim is to draw attention of the society to the need for cultivating a financial culture among Russian youths. As part of this campaign our employees conducted seminars and lectures for senior graders and students in Moscow and regions about personal finance planning, banking products and key investment principles. We realize that the economic and social development of Russia to a great extent depends on the financial culture of its population. Therefore, our common goal is to enhance financial awareness among schoolchildren and students, as well as to cultivate personal finance planning among them from an early age.

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