Chief specialist for FX Transactions Unit

Applicant’s profile:

  • Higher education;
  • Knowledge of regulatory documents of the Central Bank of Russia: Regulations No173-FZ, 258-P, 117-I, 111-I; 2332-U, 308-P, 364-P, g\General Terms of Regulation No.302-P;
  • Knowledge of procedures on FX transactions’ reporting;
  • Strong computer skills.

Scope of Responsibility:

  • Performing currency control over FX transactions effected by legal entities and private individuals;
  • Keeping agreement files;
  • Drawing up deal passports;
  • Providing data according to reporting templates (forms 402, 405, 407, 601, 652, 664, 665, PS and VBK, 308-P,364-P);
  • Charging commission fees for performing functions of a currency control agent by the Bank;
  • Keeping the database of currency transactions according to Instruction No. 117-I;
  • Consulting clients on the issues of currency transactions, signing deal passports;
  • Taking measures to detect transactions subject to mandatory control and suspicious transactions according to 115-FZ;
  • Preparing answers to requests made by tax and customs bodies.

Head of Accounts Opening Unit

Applicant’s profile:

  • Experience in managerial position
  • Education: economics degree
  • Knowledge of FZ-115, Russian Central Bank Instruction No. 28-I, Regulations No. 383-P, 262-P, 302-P, 311-P and other banking guidelines.

Scope of responsibility:

  • Managing the Unit.
  • Controlling the process of opening, converting and closing bank accounts
  • Controlling the process of forming and storing customer files.
  • Sending notifications in the established form.
  • Consulting customers.
  • Preparing reports.

Senior specialist for Mortgage Lending Group

Applicant’s profile:

  • Higher education;
  • Knowledge of relevant regulations;
  • Soft skills: sense of responsibility, attentiveness, customer-oriented attitude.

Scope of responsibility

  • Consulting customers about mortgage products;
  • Analyzing the financial and economic operations of a company or the business of a borrower;
  • Preparing credit conclusions (whether to lend or not);
  • Accepting and due diligence of collateral documents;
  • Executing mortgage deal supporting documents (loan agreements, security agreements, mortgage deeds, suretyship agreements);
  • Approving collateral with insurance company;
  • Organizing the loan disbursement and mortgage registration process;
  • Controlling the collateral and persons registered on the premises;
  • Forming credit files.

Senior specialist for Retail Customers Service Group

Applicant’s profile:

  • Higher education;
  • Experience of servicing retail customers in a bank (min 1 year);
  • Knowledge of regulations;
  • Soft skills: sense of responsibility, attentiveness and customer-oriented attitude.

Scope of responsibility:

  • Operational servicing of retail customers
  • Consulting customers about Bank’s products
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