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First and foremost, our bank is a team of like-minded people and professionals.

We always welcome to our team energetic specialists who are interested in broadening their knowledge and gaining new experience, as well as those wishing to take part in further development of our bank.

  • Our values
  • Our people
  • Compensation Policy
  • Nordea Group has established a set of corporate values which are common to all its banks and which serve as guidelines for employees in their daily work, as well as contribute to implementation of the Bank’s strategies, plans and mission – to become a leading European financial institution known for the high professionalism of its employees and creating value for its customers and shareholders.

    Great Customer Experiences – we build long-term relations with our customers, trying not only to satisfy their needs, but also go the extra mile and exceed their expectations.

    It’s All About People – we know that the success of a common cause depends on the input of each employee, from an intern to the Chairman of Management Board. Therefore, the Bank takes care of its employees and rewards them for their high performance and initiative, trying to create conditions conducive to their professional growth and maximal self-fulfillment.

    One Nordea Team – we are convinced that a strategic result can be achieved only when the efforts of many people are joined into a single whole. Therefore, we are trying to retain and develop a team of professionals who are pursuing the common goals, values and culture.

    These values help us to make right decisions in our daily work, living up to the Nordea mission “Making it possible!”

  • Each new employee joining the Bank becomes a part of Nordea Team. Staff is recruited not only based on the professional skills and experience, but also the motivation and soft skills of a candidate. When interviewing a candidate, each manager above all thinks how organically this candidate will fit into the team and how comfortably he/she and his/her colleagues will feel working together. At the same time, the Bank sets high requirements to the educational and professional background of a candidate (over 84% of employees have a higher specialized education, a number of managers and specialists have professional certificates, scientific degrees and some are members of professional communities).

    Keeping in mind that people are the main asset and formula for the Bank, investments into human capital is one of the top priorities for Nordea in its long-term development strategy. The Bank regularly organizes different trainings and distance courses, having in place module programs for the preparation and development of key officers and specialists as well as engaging the best business coaches and constantans. There is an annual procedure of the Professional Development Dialogue (PDD) held between each employee and its immediate superior, where next year plans and actions are discussed. The Bank’s staff annual development program is formed based on the results of such dialogues. In the course of its implementation, almost every employee has an opportunity to undergo external and internal trainings at least one a year. And, of course, there is no work without some fun – we celebrate holidays and interesting events.

    Last year the Bank organized two holidays for the children of its employees: the first one was dedicated to the New Year and the other – to the Children Protection Day. During these events variously aged kids had excursion in the Bank and found out in an amusing form the work of their parents. An entertainment program was organized for the junior kids: DIY games (Do It Yourself), dancing and singing. Anyone could participate in a drawing contest. Now the pictures decorate the walls of our offices.

    Our colleagues are active members of the Volunteers Club which supports orphanages in Moscow, Tula, Tver and other regions.

    The Bank has a permanent soccer team which competes in various tournaments.

    Each year we throw a corporate party dedicated to the New Year, where best-performing employees are awarded and famous crooners are invited. But still the main event is an amateur talent show of the employees themselves, which makes the holiday really memorable.

  • The Bank’s Compensation Policy envisions a competitive salary, as well as a bonus for meeting the targets and Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). Salaries are reviewed based on the labor market trends.

    Besides the basic remuneration, the Bank offers its employees an additional social package which includes the market-wide benefits and perks: voluntary health insurance, internal and external trainings, food vouchers (for Moscow branches), paid sickness leave (14 calendar days a year), corporate holidays and sport events, financial aid and anniversary payments, as well as preferential loans.

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